To Reset your AMA SSO Password

​For AMA Employees, reset your password here:

Passwords must be at least 14 characters and include 3 of the following:

  1. Lower case letter

  2. Upper case letter

  3. Number

  4. Symbol

For AMA Sub-Contractors, reset your password here:

For AMA Sub-Contractors, a guide to reset your password is here.

Your AMA Single Sign On (SSO) credentials allow access to:

  • AMA Computers

  • Deltek Costpoint (including Time and Expense)

  • SharePoint (AMA Intranet)

  • Microsoft Office 365 (Email, Teams, OneDrive, etc.)

  • Taleo (Human Resources Information System HRIS)

  • Keeper Security Password Manager


For further assistance, contact the Helpdesk