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Transparent Geometric Objects

At AMA, we are committed to exceeding customer expectations with the very best services and solutions. We accomplish this by using leading edge technologies and proven management processes, with a focus on customer service.


Our offerings range from Engineering, Multimedia & Visualization, Information Technology, and Data Analytics solutions to basic and applied research and development. Our depth of experience and expertise make us an ideal partner to customers across government and industry.  The markets we serve include:

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Commercial Aeronautics

AMA brings aerodynamic subject matter expertise, including wind-tunnel testing, flight testing, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and non-CFD aerodynamics capabilities to commercial customers.  Services range from drag optimization; acoustic noise assessment; pressure distribution, shock and streamline modeling; overpressure analysis; and separation analyses (using proprietary AMA software codes).


Capital One Analytics

AMA has worked closely with Capital One on marketing strategy for both accounts acquisition and customer management. We have provided a variety of services including optimization, mathematical modeling, data mining, and custom software development. Capital One's auto finance division has also utilized AMA's services. AMA has developed processes for portfolio optimization, helped with mathematical modeling, data mining, and implemented IT solutions using MS Excel.


AMA Studios

AMA supports the full spectrum of multimedia-based training and education methods. We design everything from interactive diagrams to immersive virtual reality environments. Our solutions have been featured at events such as Maker Faire and NASA LaRC conferences. Here, students can see, hear, and retrace the steps required to build, assemble, and evaluate a scenario. It also allows students to comprehend a complex idea such as a conceptual deep space habitat in a fully immersive virtual reality environment. 


Our virtual reality environment again comes in handy when our clients want to create fun applications based on our technically detailed models and simulations. Our conceptual Mars Habitat virtual reality simulation for the HTC VIVE, and Oculus RIFT, leverage the same realistic geometry that was prepared for NASA design reviews

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