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We believe in design thinking. Our passion for visualization and multimedia started with visualizing hyper-complex engineering solutions in a simple way. Leveraging our culture of technical innovation, this design thinking provides a team that is truly unique in the industry. AMA's work has been seen on all major media outlets.​


Early adopters of visualization, AMA developed dedicated software when none existed. By building tools and expertise AMA kept pace with the growing demand for technical visualization, multimedia and information technology. This body of work was consolidated into the AMA Studios Division.


We are experts at understanding the complex project, identifying its unique significance, and building a story that resonates. From internal communications to public facing messaging we seek to be inspire. Our capabilities are broad, our experience is unique.

  • Graphic Design & Multimedia

  • 3D Modeling & Animation

  • Engineering & Scientific Visualization

  • Live Television Production

  • Video Production

  • High Speed Scientific Photography 

  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

  • Interactive Media Design

  • Serious Gaming, Game Development

  • 3D Printing & Prototyping

  • Story Board Development

  • Branding

  • Strategic Communication

  • Technical Publications Support

  • Technical Illustration

  • Education & Public Outreach

  • Exhibit Design & Development

Design thinking - AMA Studios, visit us here


NASA X - AMA's Emmy Award Winning Video Program

NASA X is a half-hour television program and podcast developed by AMA Studios in partnership with the NASA Langley Research Center. The program premiered in August 2012. It airs on DirecTV, cable, iTunes, Hulu, NASA Television, and is available on certain aircraft as in-flight entertainment. The program is consistently one of the top downloaded programs on It is currently starting its fourth season. Created around NASA technologies, NASA X introduces viewers to cutting edge science, technology, engineering, planetary exploration, aeronautics and space exploration.

AMA's Video featured on

NASA is working hard to develop the technologies astronauts will use to one day live and work on Mars, and return safely home. While there is much work ahead on the pioneering Journey to Mars, one has to wonder: Where exactly will humans first land? This question was the basis for a recent workshop in which the agency collected 47 proposals for locations on the Red Planet that would provide natural resources to enable human explorers to land, live and work safely on Mars as well as provide a rich destination for scientific discovery. 

Engineering & Scientific Visualization

AMA's simulation software development expertise has been key to supporting large scale interactive virtual environments at NASA. The Exploration Visualization Environment (EVE) is one such example of a major software development effort led by AMA. EVE is a cross platform visualization, simulation, and analysis tool for aerospace applications, and has supported operations analysis of International Space Station (ISS) and numerous other NASA missions. EVE has been supporting engineering visualizations at NASA for more than ten years. EVE combines detailed 3D models, engineering analysis data, and time controls in a user-friendly virtual environment. A common set of models is used both in EVE and high fidelity animations. EVE has been awarded multiple Space Act Awards, and is currently distributed to multiple NASA centers including the ISS Mission Operations Directorate at JSC.

Technical Illustration

More than just pretty pictures, AMA's technical illustrations capture design concepts. These concepts range from nuts and bolts hardware to abstract ideas. Our ability to communicate is built on understanding and participating in the development process.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual reality, augmented reality, UX, and interface design - AMA’s new media capabilities are in continuous development. Virtual Reality, a combination of real-time computer graphics environment, stereoscopic viewing, and hand and head trackers, creates an immersive experience. Our expertise is supporting engineering through concept design; and virtual reality is used to communicate this support.

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