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Aircraft Store Separation and Carriage Loads Analysis: STRLNCH

STRLNCH is a comprehensive 6-DOF store separation simulation software package applicable to high angle-of-attack launch from maneuvering aircraft at subsonic and supersonic speeds. Released store/missile aerodynamics are modeled by either the MISL3 or MISDL software.

Reduces need for costly wind tunnel tests. Indispensable in preliminary safe store launch assessment and parent aircraft/store integration studies. Applicable to Monte Carlo simulations and statistical analysis of factors affecting safe separation. STRLNCH runs fast on PCs (Windows & Linux).

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Range of Flow Parameters
Subsonic through supersonic Mach numbers
Parent aircraft angles of attack/sideslip up to 60 degrees
Arbitrarily maneuvering aircraft
Nonzero rotational rates

Important Parent Aircraft Modeling Features
VTXCHN fuselage modeling for high angles of attack
Stall models for wing/pylon(s) at high angles of attack

Important Store and Release Modeling Features
See MISL3 and MISDL information
Effects of parent aircraft nonuniform flow
Noncircular store modeling with MISDL
Canard-tail vortical interference

Rail/tube launch option
Hook release and delay modeling
Ejection force models
Thrust time histories
Time dependent mass properties
User-specified autopilot
Umbilical chord/disconnect model
Lanyard disconect model
Wing-deployment model
Special modeling for wing-tip mounted missiles

Quantities Computed
Launched store 6-DOF trajectory characteristics: translational and rotational positions, velocities and accelerations
Overall 6-DOF forces and moments time histories:
CA, CY, CN, Cl, Cm, Cn
Fin forces and moments:  CAF, CNF, CHM, CBM
Detailed carriage load distributions on store body and fins

Output Files
Spreadsheet files of trajectory state variables, store loads, etc.
Flow field components velocities
Tecplot® compatible files for:
3-D animations of trajectories
2-D plots of the released store trajectory characteristics
Details of the parent aircraft induced flow field

Aircraft Models (partial list)
Aircraft: F-4, F-5, AV-8B, F-14, F-15, F-16, F/A-18, F-22,
B-52, CN-235, 737, 747, 767, L1011, DC-8, Draken, HU-25 Falcon, PC-21
Helicopter: SH-60B, SH-2G, OH-6
Various UAVs
Weapon Systems: MSST/RATO, MSST/Sprint


Effect of Spanwise Location on Fixed-Stick Descent of Aircraft into the Wake of a Leading Aircraft


Determination of Carriage Loads for the X-34 while Attached to Stargazer, Orbital's L-1011.


Determination of Carriage Loads and Separation Trajectories of a Two-Stage Reusable Launch Vehicle.


The Software Was Used to Analyze the Hyper-X Launch Vehicle's Separation from NASA's B-52.

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