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AMA's program support capability delivers operations support and program management services to government and commercial clients. We offer a rapid response capability that supports our customers’ critical mission objectives. Our reach back capability comprises all program and project planning and control. Our program and project managers oversee large projects in multiple locations while managing day-to-day quality, safety, and security details and logistics. 

  • Program & Project Management

  • Configuration & Data Management

  • Program & Project Scheduling

  • Technology Strategy & Roadmaps

  • Independent Assessment

  • Proposal Development and Support

  • Earned Value Management

  • Risk Management

  • Requirements Management

  • Operations Support​

  • Policy Development

  • Business Process Modeling

  • Strategic Communications

  • Education & Public Outreach

  • Public Affairs & Media Engagement

  • Training Content & Delivery

  • Technical Writing

Proven management practices with a passion for continuous improvement


Program Management Consulting

AMA’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have decades of experience implementing bold and challenging missions and are dedicated to assisting our customers in ensuring future successes. This experience, coupled with a practical understanding of NASA Procedural Requirements (NPRs), enables us to provide valuable and insightful consultation for space-flight projects. We provide internal reviews for projects and project documents, consultation on project documentation and design review requirements, and analyses and updates to internal procedures and documentation. We help our customers build future business by providing proposal development expertise including capture planning, proposal management, and technical writing. Additionally, we provide expertise and facilitation support for Space Act Agreement development to bring revenue-generating business partnerships to the NASA Langley Research Center. Finally, in order to facilitate new project formulation and initiation, we provide expertise in facilitation and systems engineering to preliminary design activities within Langley’s Engineering Design Studio.

Risk Analysis

AMA provides customized Continuous and Risk Informed Decision Management solutions for managing risks by identifying, analyzing, planning, tracking and controlling risks.  Our team composes and insures compliance of tailored Risk Management Plans in conjunction with appropriate government regulations.  We have the capability to identify and utilize appropriate databases to capture and document risks.  We work with clients to provide guidance and facilitation at Risk Identification Workshops, Risk Working Group, Board Meetings and other briefing sessions.  AMA provides a variety of risk reports in support of Program, Project, Center, Agency or Stakeholder management reviews.

Program & Earned Value Analysis

At AMA, we are experts in analysis and offer evaluations of Program Commitments, Obligations, Cost, Risk and Schedule to programs that encompass programmatic milestones, schedules, budgetary resource planning, and execution.  Our staff can lead in the installation and configuration of a center Earned Value Management (EVM) system, as well as prepare and interpret EVM reports.  AMA’s interpretation of such data can point out trends and identify deviations.  AMA’s team can design and develop integrated program control reports that include financial, workforce, and schedule reports. AMA provides resource planning, budgeting, control, analyses, documentation, reporting, and we are experts in integrating cost, schedule and technical data for a project.  The AMA team is adept in the use of business software applications, as well as NASA unique applications SAP, Business Warehouse (BW), IEMP, Project Management Tool (PMT), Programmatic Template (PT), FOCUS (ESMD), Funds Control WIMS, Guidance Tool (GL) and Deltek COBRA and Winsight.

Project Coordination

AMA has extensive experience providing project coordination support.  Our team of experts can provide administrative support for team meetings, technical interchange meetings, and conferences.  Experienced on working on projects of all sizes, we are adept at coordinating project meetings in face-to-face and virtual environments.  Communication is our greatest strength and our team assumes the responsibilities during projects of coordinating with all stakeholders about tasks, the status of action items, milestones, and any issues that might arise.  We have a thorough team committed to tracking each project at a granular level.  In addition, we provide contract support to develop, coordinate, and process agreements.  AMA also provides budgeting oversight and analysis to ensure that projects are functioning within budget.

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