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Detailed Missile Loads: MISDL

Fast-running program MISDL employs elements of classical aerodynamic theory, including vortical theory. The software package predicts overall aerodynamic performance coefficients and detailed aerodynamic loading distributions on the body and lifting surfaces of flight vehicles, including: missiles, munitions, mortars, aircraft, UAVs, etc. 

MISDL can model configurations with circular and noncircular bodies, including those with chines.  The finned sections can have planar, triform, cruciform, and low profile fin layouts. Fin planform can be arbitrary. Effects of rotational rates (damping) and of nonuniform flow are included. The overall and detailed aerodynamics predicted by these programs are useful to aerodynamic, structural, and control system engineers.

As an option, MISDL can be linked with the store separation program STRLNCH for detailed aerodynamic analysis of store carriage loads and trajectories.

MISDL is available for Windows and Linux computers subject to license fees and a software license agreement. We recommend a two-day training course which includes interpretation of the output and "hands-on" code running. Delivery to foreign countries requires U.S. State Department export license.


For software licensing information contact:

Aerodynamic Database Generation

4590 Cases, Mach numbers, Angles of Attack, Fin Deflection Sets

  • Intel Core i7-6920HQ CPU @ 2.90 GHz (2016)

  • 1488 secs = 0.328 sec/case


Applicable Configurations
Up To 3 Fin Sections
Up to 8 fins per fin section
Arbitrary fin planform shape
Arbitrary attachment and dihedral angles
Folded and wrap-around fins

Aerodynamic Quantities Computed
Overall 6-DOF forces and moments:
axial, side, and normal forces
rolling, pitching, and yawing moments
Fin forces and moments:
fin axial and normal forces
fin hinge and bending moments
Body pressure distribution
Fin load distributions
Detailed axial force breakdown

Range of Flow Parameters
Subsonic - supersonic Mach number
(fin loads valid to Mach 6.0)
Angles of attack up to 30 deg
Roll angle arbitrary
Fin control deflection angles to 20 deg

Important Modeling Features
Nonlinear effects of body and fin vortices
Damping effects due to rotational rates (p,q,r)
Effects of user-specified nonuniform flow

Output Options
Detailed output file
TECPLOT ® compatible files
Spreadsheet compatible files

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