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NASA Awards Contract Supporting Langley's Research, Science, and Engineering to AMA

NASA has awarded a contract to Analytical Mechanics Associates of Hampton, Virginia, for services to support NASA Langley Research Center’s research, engineering, and science services (RSES).


These categories include autonomous systems; acoustics; aerosciences; avionics and crew systems; systems design, engineering, modeling, integration, and flight hardware technology development; flight dynamics and controls; materials and advanced processing structures; systems analysis and concepts development; measurement systems; applied science; science research and analysis; science missions; and an atmospheric science data center.

The RSES contract has a maximum total value of nearly $1.5 billion over an eight-year period of performance. Under the RSES contract, Analytical Mechanics Associates will support the full range of technology readiness levels from fundamental research through flight rated hardware design and development. The contractor also will support leading-edge research and programs supporting NASA’s missions supporting the infusion of novel, fundamental methods, and concepts in research.

The contractor also will support multiple long-term, complex NASA missions, programs and projects for the agency’s four mission directorates, as well as NASA’s Engineering and Safety Center, located at the agency’s Langley Research Center in Hampton. 

RSES Program Manager

Dr. Chris Fannin


MEDLI2 instrumentation in MARS2020 Lander heatshield (Credit: NASA / JPL)

RSES will provide specialized research, science, and engineering services that support the following 15 technical service categories:

  • Autonomous Systems

  • Acoustics

  • Aerosciences

  • Avionics Systems

  • Crew Systems & Aviation Operations

  • Structures

  • Systems Design, Engineering, Modeling, Integration and Flight Hardware Technology Development

  • Materials and Advanced Processing Technology Development

  • Systems Analysis and Concepts Development

  • Flight Dynamics and Controls

  • Measurement Systems

  • Applied Science

  • Science Research and Analysis

  • Science Missions

  • Atmospheric Science Data Center

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