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Working with government and private industry, AMA has been involved with large scale projects in the field of information technology. Our experience ranges from highly focused custom software development to the design and deployment of nationwide integrated collaborative systems. AMA personnel are trained in the leading information technology software tools and technologies. AMA Specializes in:


  • Full Life Cycle Software Development and Engineering

  • Big Data Applications

  • Cloud Computing

  • High Performance Computing

  • Machine Learning

  • Image Processing

  • Mobile App and Website Development

  • Scientific Computing

  • Tool Development

  • SharePoint Development Services

  • Platform & Solution Architecture

  • Data Management & Collaborative Engineering Environments

  • Geospatial Application Development

  • Product Data Management

A full spectrum of technology solutions for the Enterprise



Full Life Cycle Software Development and Engineering

AMA’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level-3 certified software development team provides services that span the full life cycle of software development including analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance.  We have experience with many different software development processes including Waterfall, the Rational Unified Process (RUP), and the Scrum Agile methodologies. Our software development team earned recognition by InfoWorld as one of the world’s "top 100 software innovations" for the Advanced Engineering Environment. 

Big Data Applications

AMA has experience with structured and unstructured Big data applications. We have tackled Big Data projects in Aerospace Engineering, Earth Science, and Finance. We pride ourselves in being agnostic on software, hardware, and platform. Our team has considerable experience building applications on top of Big Data using commercial off the shelf and custom development. Big Data technologies that we have used include, but are not limited to: Hadoop, Java Enterprise Ecosystem, Hadoop, Hive/MapReduce/Pig/Sqoop/Flume, SQL, XML, JSON, Unix, RESTful Web Services, Spring Framework, Apache Spark, Storm, Kafka, Enterprise Java applications, and ESB.

Mobile App & Website Development

AMA has extensive experience developing mobile applications for engineering, education, and entertainment. AMA uses its combined experience in Information Technology and Visualization to create award winning mobile applications. We develop 2D and 3D mobile applications. By leveraging state-of-the-art frameworks and gaming engines, we are able to provide mobile solutions that are innovate and cost effective. AMA also specializes in developing accessible applications.

SharePoint Development Services

Share, Organize, Manage, Discover and Build Information and projects with the SharePoint Web application platform. AMA has experience with SharePoint Development Services. We can provide full turnkey solutions or support you in your deployment with expert consultants.  We offer custom SharePoint application development services including:

  • SharePoint Custom Application Development

  • SharePoint Enterprise Content Management

  • SharePoint Workflow Development

  • SharePoint Business Process Management

Data Management & Collaborative Engineering Environments

The purpose of large scale collaborative environments is to manage data and allow for analysis and data exploration features all from one, central web-based location. AMA has been involved in numerous web-based collaborative environments supporting the needs of engineers and project managers spanning the country. AMA has been developing collaborative environments for almost 20 years.

Geospatial Application Development

We offer a complete range of Geospatial Application Development Services.  AMA is involved with the international satellite data management group with CEOS (Committee on Earth Observation Satellite). For CEOS we are developing GIS tools and computing infrastructure for Satellite Big Data. We have experience with the entire gamut of GIS technologies including ArcGIS, ESRI, and custom tool development.

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