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Delivering world class engineering services is where we shine. From spacecraft to automobiles, AMA has provided cutting edge solutions in design, modeling, analysis, simulation and optimization. AMA's innovative solutions have helped industry and government improve their product performance and achieve mission success. Solving tough problems over our 60+ year history has created our culture of engineering excellence. Some of our specialties include:

  • Spacecraft & Mission Design

  • Systems Engineering & Integration

  • Engineering Design and Analysis

  • Integrated Systems Analysis

  • Flight Hardware Design & Engineering

  • Entry System Design

  • Satellite Hardware Design

  • Mechanical / Structural Analysis

  • Computational Materials

  • Aerodynamics & Flight Mechanics

  • Guidance Navigation & Controls

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 

  • Aerothermodynamics

  • Aerosciences, Acoustics, Avionics

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)

  • Product Data Management (PDM)
  • Modeling & Simulation

  • Data Mining & Analysis

  • Test Management & Operations

  • Tool development & Integration

  • 3D Prototyping

Safety through Engineering Excellence


Spacecraft & Mission Design

AMA staff are experts in space mission design and analysis. All levels of design are supported, from initial concept definition (where to go and why), to designing mission trajectories (how to get there most efficiently), to sizing and performance analysis of spacecraft systems (what goes there).  We have a focus in spacecraft sizing, system engineering, and space mission design.  AMA personnel are also involved with the design and development of software and tool suites that are used for the sizing and simulation of crewed and robotic spacecraft.  A range of analyses on spacecraft and mission design are performed, from rapid initial mass and power sizing of each spacecraft system to detailed system resource simulation throughout the mission.

Systems Engineering

AMA’s System Engineering team draws on broad expertise and sound judgment to provide superior and in-depth analysis of flight system requirements and project planning.  Our expertise includes:

  • Systems design – design capture, development, requirements flow, integration (interface management, verification/validation)

  • Project management – EVM, Risk Management, resource planning.

  • Documentation – lifecycle product review, technical writing

  • Configuration management – database management, data mining &analysis tools

  • Process improvement

Integrated Systems Analysis

AMA specializes in construction of integrated, stochastic analysis for determination of expected return on investment from large, complex systems.  Two recent examples include:

  1. NASA Strategic Analysis Team (Exploration) – provide custom analysis software to NASA for assessment and visualization of logistics delivery to a lunar outpost and the resulting crew functionality and outpost activity.

  2. Earth Science Campaign Analysis Framework – AMA constructed a full stochastic simulation environment for assessment of implementation options for NASA’s Earth Science Decadal Survey missions. Development and operations cost, launch vehicle reliability predictions, launch manifesting, on-orbit reliability, and end of life disposal are all included. A science value model provides a discriminator between mission implementation approaches.

Flight Mechanics

AMA’s experience in flight mechanics has enabled us to support all aspects of NASA programs.  AMA has helped develop, verify, and utilize separation simulation software based on our expertise in multi-body dynamics.  This has enabled us to be intimately involved in the critical aspects of the stage separation during launches, entry and descent, and launch abort.

Structures and Materials

Our expertise spans primary aircraft structures (manned and UAV), rotorcraft rotors and blades, engine shafts, turbines, static structures, space structures and wind tunnel modeling. Our material expertise spans aerospace suites to composites materials and construction grade steels. We have practical expertise with materials, structural analysis and testing – a winning combination in the development of all hardware components.

Mechanical Design

We offer complete mechanical engineering design, structural analysis, and fabrication drawing packages for the development of components, systems, and assemblies in compliance with the customer’s codes and standards. We help you understand the issues regarding system functionality, structural integrity, and fabrication. Drawing on our extensive experience, we provide sound engineering solutions and practical, economical and safe designs.   Our typical tasks include:

  • Conceptual/Preliminary Design

  • Detailed Design and Drawing Creation

  • Materials, Fastener/Adhesive Selection

  • Stress, Fatigue, Modal and Thermal Analysis

  • Fabrication Liaison, Test Support

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