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April 9, 2024

AMA’s Josh Valcarcel “ignites” audience with lessons learned from his view through the camera lens

July 17, 2022

AMA Support for Engineering Services Contract at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

July 14, 2021

Mr. Anoop Mehta and Dr. Mauricio Peredo Join the AMA Team

April 13, 2021

AMA Awarded Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year Award

December 11, 2020

AMA Contribution to Lunar Water Discovery

June 8, 2020

AMA selected as a GSA OASIS Small Business Awardee

April 17, 2023

AMA partners awarded the Enterprise Multimedia and Integrated Technical Services (eMITS) for NASA's Office of the Chief Information Office (OCIO) and Office of Communications (OCOMM)

May 18, 2022

Anoop Mehta, AMA Chief Strategist Elected to Lead American Institute of CPAs

June 4, 2021

AMA Announces Candice Weeks as Vice President of Operations

February 22, 2021

AMA Support for Program Services Contract at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

November 2, 2020

AMA Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the International Space Station

August, 2019

ASDRS Successful Wind Tunnel Test

February 28, 2023

AMA Awarded Research, Science, and Engineering Services (RSES) Contract at NASA Langley Research Center

December 6, 2021

AMA Announces Tom Ozoroski as Director of Systems and Concepts

April 29, 2021

AMA Announces John Abrams as Chief Executive Officer and Leadership Transitions

January 4, 2021

AMA Announces Chief Transformation Officer and Vice President, Advanced Projects

October 5, 2020

AMA Completes Prominent Study for NASA



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