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Analytical Mechanics Associates (AMA) has been awarded the RSES contract, and we are looking forward to continuing to provide world-class research, science, and engineering services to NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) and its customers.

Since 1962, AMA has been committed to exceeding customer expectations with the very best services and solutions, offering a range of Science, Multimedia & Visualization, Information Technology, and Data Analytics solutions.

RSES will provide specialized research, science, and engineering services that support the following 15 technical service categories:

  • Autonomous Systems

  • Acoustics

  • Aerosciences

  • Avionics Systems

  • Crew Systems & Aviation Operations

  • Structures

  • Systems Design, Engineering, Modeling, Integration and Flight Hardware Technology Development

  • Materials and Advanced Processing Technology Development

  • Systems Analysis and Concepts Development

  • Flight Dynamics and Controls

  • Measurement Systems

  • Applied Science

  • Science Research and Analysis

  • Science Missions

  • Atmospheric Science Data Center

AMA is committed to the personal growth of every employee, and we know that the successes of our employees drive our success. We provide a work environment that is collaborative and supportive.

If you are an incumbent employee performing work on the TEAMS 3 contract, STARSS III contract, NIA Cooperative Agreement, or NIA IDIQ contract and are interested in continuing your current position as part of AMA’s team under the RSES contract, please use the “Register Now” link above to register with us. The registration process is quick and all information you provide will be kept strictly confidential. We also ask that you share a current resume. Current AMA employees do not need to register.

We look forward to you becoming part of the AMA RSES team should we be selected for this exciting contract.

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What do our employees say?

“Taking care of people is a strong part of the AMA culture.”

“Employees are able to work on different projects, the work environment is dynamic.”

“AMA makes me feel they are personally invested in me.”

“The customer I work with loves AMA. Our reputation speaks volumes.”

“AMA seeks new and innovative ideas from its workforce.”


“AMA is the best place I’ve ever worked.”

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