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A History of Success

AMA integrates engineering, IT, visualization and multimedia expertise, and analytics to solve the most challenging problems for NASA, defense, and commercial customers.

Since 1962, our customers have trusted us to bring outstanding expertise, innovative thinking, and the ability to listen and work as a team to achieve program success.  With offices in Virginia, Alabama, Texas, Colorado, and California - AMA is a small business with a wide reach.


Denver, Colorado
   Advanced Projects

Huntsville, Alabama

   Marshall Space Flight Center

   Enterprise Applications


   Business Development

Dallas, Texas


Houston, Texas

   Johnson Space Center

Armstrong Flight Research Center

Santa Clara, CA

    Advanced Projects Group

    Software Products

Mountain View, CA

    Ames Research Center

Hampton, Virginia

    Langley Research Center

    Corporate Headquarters

Hampton, Virginia

AMA was awarded the prestigious George M. Low Award in 2010 and the NASA LaRC Small business prime contractor of the year award back-to-back in 2010 and 2011. In 2012 AMA won the Technology, Engineering, and Aerospace Mission Support 2 (TEAMS2) prime contract at LaRC which covered a wide area of technical disciplines including Acoustics, Aerodynamics, Avionics, Crew Systems, Mechanical design of Flight Hardware, Flight Dynamics, Hypersonics, Materials, Measurement Systems, Project Planning and Control, Structures, and Systems Analysis. In 2017 AMA won the re-compete of TEAMS 2, the TEAMS3 contract and continues to focus on technical excellence and customer satisfaction.

The Hampton office, serving as AMA headquarters, also supports the science side of NASA LaRC through a subcontract under the STARSS contract.


AMA, incorporated in 1962, opened the Hampton office in the early 70’s with a focus on serving NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC). The original emphasis at LaRC was on fluid dynamics and GN&C as applied to aeronautics research and development. In the 80’s, the focus expanded to supporting the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station programs. AMA’s footprint at Hampton grew substantially starting in 1997 as a company of 5 employees grew steadily to about 100.

Huntsville, Alabama

The AMA Huntsville office opened in 2002 to support the Marshall Space Flight Center Engineering directorate to implement Windchill software, known as “Integrated Engineering Capability”. 

Since then, the office has created long-lasting relationships with the Huntsville aerospace community through networking organizations such as the National Space Club and the Marshall Small Business Alliance as well as supporting local aerospace and educational initiatives including the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and the annual Von Braun Dinner.  

The Huntsville office has expanded in technical capabilities to include members of the Advanced Projects group and the ESTRAD contract.


Operational support assigned to the Huntsville office includes the Office of the CEO, Enterprise Application Development, Contracts, and Business Development. 

Dallas, Texas

In 2003, a Business Analytics unit at AMA was formed after the successful application of optimization techniques honed, ranging from the service of NASA Mars missions to problems in marketing. In 2006, the AMA Dallas office was born in direct response to client needs in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Since then, AMA has expanded its support offerings to cover the entire spectrum of analytical tasks from data management to machine learning while extending our analytical framework to projects in financial services, healthcare, and higher education.

To contact us regarding business development opportunities throughout AMA email us at

Denver, Colorado

The Advanced Projects team is a multi-disciplinary group of engineers that support a wide range of government, commercial, and internal research and development projects.

This includes performing concept studies for advanced space vehicles and future mission architectures, performing quick-turn design and analysis services for commercial customers, and leading AMA’s internal product development.


The team relishes in finding holistic solutions, considering factors of performance, cost, schedule, and technology development, with focused abilities in mechanical, nuclear, aerospace, and systems engineering.

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