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Image credit: NASA Langley / David C. Bowman

AMA Awarded $1.5B Contract Supporting NASA Langley’s Research, Science, and Engineering Services. Read More>>

Since 1962, AMA has worked with government and commercial organizations solving the toughest engineering, science and business problems. As a customer focused company, we take pride in the relationships we have built during our 60 year history. We are especially proud of our work supporting NASA’s missions: past, present and future. We are grateful to our clients for allowing us to be part of their mission, as true partners. Learn more



NASA LaRC has awarded the Technology, Engineering, and Aerospace Mission Support 3 (TEAMS 3) contract to AMA. Estimated value of $324.4 million.

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NASA Ames Research Center has awarded the Entry Systems Technology Research and Development (ESTRAD) contract to AMA. 

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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center receives support from AMA through the Mechanical Integrated Services and Technologies (MIST) II contract. Read More

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