Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc.

Since 1962, AMA has worked with government and commercial organizations solving tough engineering, math and business problems. AMA combines the best of engineering and mathematics capabilities with the latest in information technology and visualization to build innovative solutions.

AMA has provided world class technical services and products to a multitude of industries including: Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Financial Services, Healthcare and Packaging. Our client base includes leading government institutions and Fortune 200 companies. We are especially proud of our work supporting NASA’s missions: past, present and future. Our work has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, WIRED and the Discovery Channel. View the AMA video here.


As a customer focused company, we take pride in the relationships we have built over our 50 year history. As employees, we value our shared commitment to our community. Headquartered in Hampton, VA, AMA has operations in Huntsville, AL; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; and Mountain View, CA.



Our Core Competencies

Project Spotlight

Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM)

AMA is part of the NASA team working on the Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM). ARM is a robotic mission that aims to land a spacecraft on an asteroid, capture, and return a 4-5 m diameter boulder...

Nasa LaRC


AMA Wins NASA Ames ESTRAD Contract

AMA has been awarded the $43 million five-year Entry Systems Technology Research and Development (ESTRAD) contract by NASA Ames Research Center (ARC)...


AMA Part of Winning Team for NASA SACOM Contract

NASA has awarded the $1.2 billion Synergy Achieving Consolidated Operations and Maintenance (SACOM) contract to Syncom Space Service LLC and its partners, including AMA...