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VPN Instructions

1. Start by opening the Cisco AnyConnect application with either of the following methods

For how to open Cisco AnyConnect in Windows see 1a. and 1b.

For how to open Cisco AnyConnect in MacOS see 1c.

1a. Search for the Cisco AnyConnect application using the search bar


1b. Click the Cisco AnyConnect icon in the System Tray

1c. Use Command ⌘ + Space to bring up Spotlight Search and search for Cisco AnyConnect

Screenshot 2024-04-16 at

2. Choose which profile you prefer to connect to and click "Connect"

    AMA-Teleworker-Primary is our VPN in Hampton, Virginia

    AMA-Teleworker-Secondary is our VPN in Huntsville, Alabama


Choose whichever profile you are geographically closer to. It will improve the reliability and reduce latency on the connection

3. Enter your AMA email address

2. input_ama_email_address.png

4. Enter your AMA SSO password

3. enter_ama_password.png

5. Select your preferred Multi-Factor Authentication method


5a. Here are examples of using a text code or the Microsoft Authenticator Application for authentication


6. You will be prompted to stay signed in. Click "No"


7. Click "Accept"

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