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NASA LaRC Technology Engineering and Aerospace Mission Support 2 

See NASA's official press release here.

AMA was awarded the Technology, Engineering and Aerospace Mission Support 2 (TEAMS 2) contract after a competitive selection and will support multiple long-term, complex NASA missions. Services include support of scientific research; engineering design, analysis and development; and technology readiness level advancement of work associated with evolving NASA missions. TEAMS 2 also will implement technology programs, tests, operations, systems analysis and conceptual design; and provide program and project management support. The contract has an estimated value of about $327.5 million. 


TEAMS 2 Program Manager

Dr. Chris Fannin

TEAMS 2 supports multiple long-term and complex NASA/LaRC aerospace and spaceflight missions in multiple functional areas:

  1. Acoustics

  2. Aerodynamics

  3. Avionics Systems

  4. Crew Systems and Aviation Operations

  5. Engineering, Integration, and Flight Hardware Technology Development

  6. Flight Dynamics and Controls

  7. Hypersonics

  8. Materials and Advanced Processing Technology Development

  9. Measurement Systems

  10. Program/Project Support

  11. Structures

  12. Systems Analysis and Concepts Development

  13. NASA Engineering & Safety Center (NESC) support

Additional areas of work:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses

  • Noise prediction studies and algorithm development

  • Structural acoustic modeling

  • Synthesis and characterization of polymers, piezoelectrics, ceramics, and composites

  • Fatigue testing and damage tolerance analyses

  • Stability and robustness assessments of control systems

  • Experimental flight systems design, development and operation

  • Flight simulation development, operations and maintenance

  • Airborne systems including vehicle dynamics, Guidance, Navigation and Control (GN&C), crew systems, mission critical systems, and flight research

  • Aircraft systems including operations and maintenance

  • Spacecraft systems including design, development, GN&C, and operations

  • Electromagnetic systems, optics, lasers, and microwave systems

  • Global environmental atmospheric quality and measurement

  • Risk, safety and engineering quality assessment

  • Technology and mission concept development

  • Advanced prototype development and technology/system development and demonstration

  • Breakthrough materials

  • Lightweight and multifunctional structures

  • Deployable and inflatable structures

  • Structural dynamics and geometry control

  • Onboard data processing

  • Next generation design and analysis tools

  • Advanced instruments

  • Avionics

  • Information Technology (IT) services in support of primary research tasks

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