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Open Data Cube Visualization Framework (ODC-Vis)

This page presents work in progress toward a systematic approach to utilizing visualization inside the Open Data Cube ecosystem. This Open Data Cube Visualization Framework (ODC-Vis) and associated visualization applications can help bridge the gap between EO data, decisions, and development goals by helping viewers understand data and analysis on a more intuitive and engaging level. The ODC Visualization Framework seeks to increase the value of satellite data across the entire EO value-chain.

Our hope is that we inspire others to develop visualization solutions that better the ODC community. We will continue to update this page as our research progresses and we are open to all ideas and collaboration. If you are interested in collaborating or talking with us, please email us at:


We are planning for a formal release of our software at the end of this year (2020).


Safety through Engineering Excellence
IGARSS 2020 Session: Advancements in the Open Data Cube and Analysis Ready Data


To prototype the ODC-Vis framework, we have developed a number of reference applications. These applications are shown below.​



For more information, please email us at: ODC Visualization)

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